Beast my Base Starring Imspanky
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This is the first episode in a new series that takes rate my base to entire new dimension. I play on an account for a couple days doing a complete analysis of all game modes and improve the account in every way I can with the provided gems. That means hero rolls, talent rolls, all game modes broken down, and entire video guild on how to play Imspanky's account.

If you're interested in starring in an episode or series of episodes, I'll be providing a detailed post on how to get involved in it on Face before episode 2 airs at 16:00 server time on Saturday.


Also if you're an iOS player, there is an option to have the same type of account analysis done by my favorite iOS YouTuber, CS96/Shamey. His series just aired today as well, so for those iOS players needing a make over, go check it out.

Learning Curve Episode 1: Beat Champ View SandSeven7 Channel