Castle Clash Vlad Dracula HBM J Solo + New Update Information
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Game play is from Zenmind's epic HBM J solo with Vlad Dracula followed by Zenmind's aka guoyuus's 2 threads about the new Castle Clash update to be released on the TW server in about a week.

Details on the new update:

Join me after the release of this video and directly after the release of every video this month for a live stream at:

Teamspeak 3 is a voice and text chat program with unparralled call quality, versatility and potential to make any gaming/viewing experience better. If you're new to TS3, here's a link to a video tutorial on how to get started. Also below will be a quick 3 step how to guide to join me there.

1. Download Teamspeak 3 at
2. Install the program, open it then click connect
3. Type "" for the server address (password leave it blank)

Video Tutorial by Savage:

Then you're all done, and from there I'll be adding VIP options which will get you perks such as your own chat group for your guild with custom logo's, permanent spot on the server, and more as the experience evolves. View SandSeven7 Channel