Castle Clash WeAreLegendary and f2p HBM I+J
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Okay this is the last HBM video you'll see for a bit. I've covered all the topics I wanted in the last few HBM videos. For the next few I want get active in the arena to start some arena videos with a twist I'll speak of later.

Also, I have some good Hero Expedition game play that I will make into a video. It'll be a long one since the point I want to make is HE is trial and error. Patience is paramount.

Then I have some good might tips I learned while going from 48k to 58k might in 2 days which will be another video as well. Not to mention a boss video from my main to show how a guild should do the boss to maximize HB for all members.

Top 20 Android Guild
Contact on Line Chat: jakecawl or ztap1
700 Shards per Week
500 Shards on entry
T2 Boss @21:00 Weekdays
T3 Boss @14:00 Weedends
20k Might

As always, I post videos early on FB as well as other videos that are never released publicly. This video has a pre-commentary version that is 2 minutes shorter. Just all the editing and gameplay for the first half of it. Also the full version will have been on Facebook for about a day early. So, if you don't already follow me on fb, and you want more content, head on over there. Here's the link. View SandSeven7 Channel