Easy Tier 3 Boss Drop + How to Enter to Win my Main
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To win my SandSeven account in which $5,317 has been spent, 400+ videos showing it's progression over the last 14 months, and all in game chat spam you could ever wish for, follow the instructions below.

****All platforms are eligible to enter*****

Entry Requirements for all Platforms
Less than 10k Gems farmed
Meet 1 of these 3 entry methods

#1 F2P Veterans
90+ days played and PD
Farming HBM H
6 Hero Bases
3+ heroes at 9*
Can Perma stun Tier 3
390 Flames acquired in the dungeons

#2 Non-PD F2P Veterans
+90 days played no PD
Farming HBM G
4+ Heroes at 7*
6 Hero Bases
The rest will be based on judges opinions and other applicants

#3 F2P Rising Stars 60-90 Days played
Lots of progression in the number of days played

If you meet the requirements listed above, follow these contact instructions to enter via Line Chat.

General Chat for the competition. Place to get questions answered, updates will listed here, and a foot into the door of the amazing community already setup for CC on line chat.

Entry Group #1

Entry Group #2

Entry Group #3

If the links don't work please add Potato Pie on Line
Search for the name: ss7helper
Potato Pie will be the user name found, so add him, and send a message stating your entry method number and if you are only able to use line chat on PC. (PC only means notes are not useable)

Once in the group, follow the instructions found in the notes section of the chat group. This is how you will post your screenshots to enter.

That's it for this round, and those that progress will receive notifications on line chat, and be prompted for more information to narrow it down to the final 10. That is when an Android device will be needed.

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