Fifa 15 TOTW 09 $1,000,000 Pack Opening + $1,000,000 Giveaway + CC 2 Giveaways Announced
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Game play consist of announcing the 2 CC giveaways then playing Fifa 15 opening $1,000,000 coins of player packs. The Fifa giveaway of 1,000,000 coins (Android) will take place 1 hour after this video is public on my live stream on twitch via the link below.

Live stream going on as soon as this video is public with 2 giveaways. One for CC and one for Fifa 15 (Android on both). The first hour will be CC content only followed by the Fifa 15 giveaway and maybe one game or two then more CC gameplay.

Enter to win my main account: View SandSeven7 Channel