Introduction without details on how to enter the Contest to Win my Main Account SandSeven
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---I will be playing as a purely F2P player from my Lucky_Seven7 account from now on. BTW, it's living up to it's name with the newest hero rolled which will be revealed when I talk about more details for this contest.

This is just the first introduction to the contest, and the entire setup is not complete in the least bit; however, here are the facts.

Competition similar to an American Idol setup with CC experts as judges along with an audience vote to narrow the field down to the finalist.

The final round will consist of about 10 players in which they will play for 2 to 3 months. I will create 10 brand new accounts with any legend being rolled, consumed.

No legends rolled during the entire 2 to 3 months can be used for anything but consumption. Only the daily log in heroes, Pally and Druid, along with any hero that is farmed can be used.

No gems can be bought, farmed or acquired outside of daily rewards and in game quest and etc. Any gem total listed in the gift menu over zero is an automatic disqualification.

Those are the facts for now, but the details for how to initially enter are still being worked out.

Forum Post with suggestions:

Facebook with many updates to come, and pretty much the best place to keep up with the details of this competition. View SandSeven7 Channel