SandSeven7 Promotions: YouTube Channels, Guilds, and Beast my Base
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I've finally come up with a decent alternative to the 3-4 hours a day I spend checking messages all over the place for those seeking promotions. This video details all the packages, prices, examples, results, and a reliable contact method. Prices are negotiable as are what is offered, but no account trading for promotions at this time.

You may message me with as many questions as you like about the promotions, but please, no CC questions unless they are related to a Beast my Base promotion.

I will also keep up with the comments on this video since it is an unlisted video. I am keeping it unlisted to prevent as much spam as possible. Literally during the first take of the commentary of this video, I had a line chat phone call come in from a random.

If interested in any promotion contact me at: View SandSeven7 Channel